Luvsandamba DASHNYAM

Luvsandamba DASHNYAM
Eastern Asia

Luvsandamba DASHNYAM (b. 1943, Tarvagant of Tuvshruulekh sum, Arkhangai aimag) is President of the Mongolian Knowledge University and of the Academy of Humanities. Educated in Moscow, Mr. Dashnyam studied economics and philosophy. He was one of the ideological leaders of the pro-democracy movement which brought about a peaceful revolution in Mongolia in 1990, worked as Vice-Speaker of Ardyn Ikh Khural (Parliament) in 1990-1992, and in 2001 ran for the presidency as the Civil Will Party candidate. He has published more than 30 books of poetry, fiction, and scholarship, most recently Hero Esukhei (2003, about Genghis Khan's father). His poems and stories have been included in a collection of the best contemporary Mongolian Literature. His work has been translated into Russian, English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Bulgarian, and Kazakh. He is participating courtesy of the William B. Quarton International Writing Program Scholarship.

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