XU Zechen (徐则臣)

XU Zechen
Eastern Asia

XU Zechen (徐则臣), an editor at People's Literature Magazine, is the author of three novels午夜之门 [The Gate of Midnight] (2007), 天上人间 [The Heaven and the World] (2009) and 夜火车 [The Night Train] (2009), as well as the short-story collections 鸭子是怎么飞上天的 [How Can a Duck Fly] (2006), 跑步穿过中关村 [Running through Zhongguancun] (2008), and 人间烟火 [The Earthly Life] (2009). [Hello Beijing], based on his short story, won an award for Best Television Movie. He also co-wrote the screenplay for [My Hard Boat], which won the best foreign picture award at the Action on Film International Film Festival. Zechen’s work has received numerous literary awards and is translated into German, Korean, English, and Dutch. His participation is provided courtesy of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

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