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On the Map 2017: Ghada AI ABSY

Ghada AL-ABSY غادة العبسي (fiction writer; Egypt), a physician, is the author of several novels and short story volumes, among them حشيشة الملاك [Angelica]...

On the Map 2017: Hajar BALI

Hajar BALI (playwright, fiction writer, poet; Algeria) was, until 2016, a professor of mathematics at the University of Sciences and Technology in Algiers....

On the Map 2017: Lava DARWESH (Iraq)

Lava Omer DARWESH لاڤە عمر دەروێش (poet, translator; Iraq) graduated from the American University of Iraq with degrees in Business and English Literature....

On the Map 2019: CHAN Ping-chiu 陳炳釗 (Hong Kong)

CHAN Ping-chiu 陳炳釗 (drama; Hong Kong) is the founder the experimental theater group Sand & Bricks for young artists, the artistic director of...

On the Map 2019: CHAN Lai-kuen  陳麗娟 (Hong Kong)

CHAN Lai-kuen  陳麗娟 (poetry, essays; Hong Kong), whose blog handle is “Dead Cat,” is a poet, a public speaker, and teacher. Her three...

On the Map 2019: Sam MENGHESTEAB (Eritrea)

Samuel MENGHESTEAB ሳሙኤል መንግስትኣብ (fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry; Eritrea) is the author of the Tigrigna story anthology Seb ziseanet...

On the Map 2019: Yamkela TYWAKADI (South Africa)

Yamkela TYWAKADI (fiction, nonfiction, South Africa) is a novelist, publisher, performer, and the founder of Blank Page Edu, a company that...

On the Map 2019: Soukaina HABIBALLAH (Morocco)

Soukaina HABIBALLAH (poetry, fiction, screenwriting; Morocco) has four poetry collections and one novel [The Barracks] (2016), with a second novel...



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