Community of the Imagination (1973) dir. Gerald Krell


This hour-long documentary was commissioned by the United States Information Agency, one of the early funders of the IWP. Its producer and director Gerald Krell and his crew came to Iowa City in winter of 1973, shot for about a week, then completed the production at the USIA facilities in Washington DC. The film was then shipped to US Embassies world-wide and shown locally, at screenings or via broadcast media. After years in the vaults it has surfaced. The video provides a rich trove of IWP history and an ingenious perspective on the writers. The writers in the 1973 residency: AMADI, Elechi - Nigeria AMPATZOGLOU, Petros - Greece ASHOKAMITRAN, J. Thyagarajan - India BLANDIANA, Ana - Romania BRAUN, Andrzej - Poland BRAVO, José Antonio - Perú CHEUNG, Dominic - Hong Kong CHOE, In-hoon - South Korea COSTA, Flavio Moreira - Brazil DOMINGUEZ, Luis - Chile GERGELY, Ágnes - Hungary GUBEGNA, Abbie - Ethiopia HADI, Abdul - Indonesia HOWELL, Anthony - United Kingdom KARPOWICZ, Tymoteusz - Poland LAPINSKI, Zdzislaw - Poland MORENO, Virginia R. - Philippines NAZARETH, Peter - Uganda POPESCU, Petru - Romania RAWSON, Alicia Dellapiane - Argentina RUSAN, Romulus - Romania SHIRAISHI, Kazuko - Japan VANEGAS, Teodoro - Ecuador VENTURA, Adao -- Brazil YU, Tien-t'sung -- Taiwan ..and Hualing NIEH ENGLE and Paul ENGLE This film was digitized by the UI School of Library and Information Science


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