On the Move 2011: Adisa Bašić (Writers in Motion: Decline and Recovery)


"On the Move" is a series of interviews with writers traveling with the IWP on various study and reading projects. Adisa Bašić is here interviewed on the tour "Writers in Motion 2011: Decline and Recovery." The blog documenting it is at http://writersinmotion.blogspot.com. Adisa Bašić, born in 1979, studied Comparative Literature, German and Librarianship at the University of Sarajevo, earned an M.A. in Human Rights and Democracy, and published a first poetry collection at the age of nineteen. Her second poetry volume, Trauma-Market, appeared in 2004 and the award-winning collection "A Promo Clip for my Homeland" in 2010. She has participated in many regional and European poetry events, and is widely published in regional literary magazines. She writes on cultural affairs for the independent weekly Slobodna Bosna. The series is produced by the IWP at the University of Iowa, and is made possible by a grant from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. Video producer: Sahar Sharkar


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