IWP News

  • The first half of the Life of Discovery 2012 exchange between the IWP and the China Writers' Association has come to a close. The second half of the program will take place in the U.S. this fall.

  • The IWP's 2011 Annual Report is now available for viewing as a PDF or SWF file.

  • The newest release from 91st Meridian Books: How to Write an Earthquake, a trilingual French-Creole-English e-anthology of poetry and prose responding to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

  • The Norwegian Writers' Association has awarded its 2011 free expression award to Ma Thida (IWP 2005). She is its first-ever recipient from Burma.

  • In the first issue of the independent, English-language Iraq Literary Review, edited by Baghdad-based critics Soheil Najm (IWP 2009) and Sadek. R. Mohamed: 100+ pages of criticism, poetry, fiction, translations…

  • Home Boy, a novel by H. M. Naqvi (IWP 2010) about a cohort of young Pakistani New Yorkers caught in the aftermath of 9/11, is the winner of the first DSC Award, devoted to South Asian literature.

  • 91st Meridian Books, in collaboration with British Council, presents Trust Me, I'm an Expert, a collection of essays on Afghanistan, war and culture

  • IWP's new book series, 91st Meridian Books, in partnership with Autumn Hill Books


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