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ON THE MAP 2022: INTERVIEW with Nana ABULADZE, Georgia

Nana ABULADZE ნანა აბულაძე (fiction writer, scholar; Georgia) is the author of two books: the novel აკუმი (Akumi) which received two awards for the Best...

ON THE MAP 2022: INTERVIEW with Mashiul ALAM, Bangladesh

Mashiul ALAM মশিউল আলম (journalist, fiction writer, translator; Bangladesh) has published 12 novels and novellas, and eight collections of short stories;...

ON THE MAP 2022: INTERVIEW with Edson INCOPTÉ, Guinea-Bissau

Edson INCOPTÉ (fiction writer, poet, journalist, activist; Guinea-Bissau) has an extensive resume as organizer and activist in the areas of youth, civic...

ON THE MAP 2022: INTERVIEW with David ANUAR, Mexico

David ANUAR (poet, essayist, editor, translator; Mexico) teaches courses in creative writing and academic subjects at Colegio Universitario Angloamericano...

ON THE MAP 2022: INTERVIEW WIth Angel IGOV, Bulgaria

Angel IGOV Ангел Игов (novelist, translator, scholar; Bulgaria). teaches English literature and Translation at Sofia University. He is the author of three...

ON THE MAP 2022: INTERVIEW WIth Felix K. NESI, Indonesia
Felix K. NESI (fiction writer, activist; Indonesia) is the author of Orang-Orang Oetimu [People of Oetimu], which won the 2018 Jakarta Arts Council Novel...
ON THE MAP 2022: INTERVIEW WIth Abdelaziz ERRACHIDI, Morocco
Abdelaziz ERRACHIDI عبد العزيز الراشدي (fiction and non-fiction; Morocco) is a professor of Arabic literature at Ibn Tofaïl University in Kenitra and the...
ON THE MAP 2022: INTERVIEW WIth Raghavendra MADHU, India

Raghavendra MADHU (poet, activist; India) has authored three books of poetry: Make Me Some Love to Eat, Stick No Bills, and Being Non-essential, all...



Happening Now

  • We regret the passing, on April 11, 2024, of the distinguished Romanian author and critic Dan Cristea, who served as the editor in chief of the Luceafărul de Dimineață cultural monthly. In addition to being an alum of the 1985 Fall Residency, Cristea received his PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Iowa.

  • Our congratulations to 1986 Fall Residency writer Kwame Dawes, who has been named the new poet laureate of Jamaica.

  • Congratulations to our colleagues Jennifer Croft and Aron Aji, who are among those serving as judges for the National Book Awards this year, in their case in the category of translated literature.

  • Ranjit Hoskote’s speech at the 2024 Goa Literary Festival addresses the current situation in Gaza.

  • In NY Times, Bina Shah worries about the state of Pakistani—and American—democracy.

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